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Business Advisory and Consulting

Business Advisory and Consulting Services

Twin Cedars Bank provides efficiency consulting and scorecard benchmarking to improve your business and your bottom line. We can help you improve your operations when looking at capital expenditures, pricing, and cost control. Our support and review can help you improve conversations with accountants, advisors and your leadership team. 

We can provide annual, quarterly and monthly scorecards showing you where your profit and cash flow opportunities are. We can also show you peer data to help you make steps to having a more efficient operation and improving your bottom line.

  • Business Valuations
  • Scorecard Benchmarking
  • Balance Sheet Worksheet
  • Income Statement Worksheet
  • Ratio Analysis Worksheet with a Benchmarking Scorecard
  • Cash Budgeting
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Business Mapping with cause-and-effect analysis
  • Expansion Analysis Worksheet
  • Estate Planning Checklist
  • Errors of Omission Reviews
  • Cash Flow Projection, Capital Planning and Profit Planning
  • Basic Management Tips for Improving Cash Flow
  • Strategies to bring in more cash.
  • Financial Review Checklist
  • Red Flags to Internal Fraud
  • Loan Proposal Reviews
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, prepare for a Sale, Prepare for a purchase.
  • Acquisition Review
  • Advisory Circle Contacts (accountants, CPAs, contract CFOs)

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