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Real Advantage

Leasing through Twin Cedars Bank comes with real advantages. We know you, and we know your business. We have an established, trusted relationship, and we understand your objectives. Unlike traditional leasing companies, we never charge termination or prepayment penalties should you need flexibility during the term of your lease. Coordinating all your banking and equipment financing activity with one bank is convenient, saving you me. Talk with a commercial lender at Twin Cedars Bank to find out how we can meet your leasing needs.

Leasing Options

  • 100% financing available — no down payment required
  • New or used equipment • Variable payment for seasonal customers
  • Fixed rate which will not change during the term of the lease
  • Most leases can be structured to meet tax objectives

Accordion Feature

Twin Cedars Bank offers ag producers an accordion feature in each lease allowing them to increase or decrease their payment during the lease term depending on need for tax shelter.

Commonly Leased Equipment

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical & Laboratory
  • Municipal & Schools
  • Restaurant & Hospitality

The Ideal Municipal Lease

A growing number of municipalities and school districts use leasing to acquire assets of all types and classifications. Leasing is easy, avoids the costs associated with referendums or bonding, and only the annual payments are included in annual budgets. Essential equipment is acquired today without the costly delays due to capital appropriations.

At Twin Cedars Bank, we are ready to serve any leasing needs you have. With effective and competitive tax-exempt rates, we have a clear economic and community interest in making sure your transaction is properly structured and best serves our community. Rest assured Twin Cedars Bank has the resources and expertise to assist you with any complex municipal leasing project. It also provides you with the flexibility you need when budgets and resources change.

Contact Twin Cedars Bank when you need a municipal lease and experience the difference of working with a bank you already know. Working together, it’s all about trust, economic growth, simplicity, and community reinvestment.


Some lease servicing may be provided through our partnership with BB Community Leasing Services, Inc. –Madison, WI

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