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How do I use a Zelle® QR code?

Zelle® QR codes provide peace of mind knowing you can send money to the right person without typing an email address or mobile number. Find Zelle® in the Twin Cedars Bank app, click “Send,” then click on the QR code icon displayed at the top of the “Recipients” screen. Your phone’s camera will open. To send money using a Zelle® QR code, simply point your camera at the recipient’s Zelle® QR code, enter the amount and hit “Send,” and the money is on the way! When sending money to someone new, it’s always important to confirm the recipient is correct by reviewing the displayed name before sending money.

You can also locate your Zelle® QR code by opening the Twin Cedars Bank app, navigating to "Send Money With Zelle®" and clicking your Zelle® settings. From here, you can see your Zelle® QR code.

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