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wealth loans and wealth lines of credit - Twin Cedars BankBorrowing can play a significant role in your overall financial strategy to assist in achieving your financial objectives. This is why we provide a comprehensive array of credit solutions to ensure you have access to funds whenever necessary, be it for short-term or long-term liquidity, acquiring assets, or seizing investment prospects.

No matter what type of loan you’re looking for, Twin Cedars is proud to be one of Iowa’s best banks for personal loans. See how our loan options can help you finance your dreams!

Securities Based Lending 

Access cash without the cost of selling stock and missing out on market returns. Many people are unaware that you can use your stocks and brokerage accounts to secure a financial loan. This often untapped source of equity is a great resource to help you get the loan you need. One of our wealth lending experts will work closely with you to secure a loan based on the equity in your assets.

Lines of credit secured by ownership in privately held organizations is also available. 

Aircraft Funding Solutions

Aircraft loans for those considering the acquisition of an aircraft or wishing to leverage the value of their existing one, Twin Cedars Bank offers a range of borrowing solutions that can be personalized to address your individual requirements concerning tax considerations, cash flow management, and aircraft utilization.

Life Insurance secured loans and lines of credit

A matured life insurance policy is often an overlooked source of untapped equity when people consider a loan. Twin Cedars Bank can help you secure a personal loan backed by the current equity in your policy.

Residential Real Estate Loans

With our home loans, Twin Cedars Bank will guide you through the application process and offer advice to help put you in the best possible buying position.
As an experienced local lender, we offer a wide variety of real estate loans designed to meet your unique needs and backed by unparalleled customer service. Benefits of our residential loans include:

  • Quick and easy prequalification process
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Fully-customized lending plans based on your unique needs
  • In-house loan processing for quick turnaround time and fast, attentive lending experts

We also offer a variety of vacation home and second home loans for our wealth banking clients. Contact your wealth banker today to learn more.

Investor Real Estate Loans

A great way to invest in your financial future is by getting into real estate investments. Our personal loan experts will work closely with you from the start of the application process onward to help you take the next step in investing in your future in the real estate market. We want to help you succeed, and our team of professionals will offer you industry-leading service at every step of your investment journey.

Home Equity Loans

Your home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. If your home needs remodeling or repair, our personal loan experts can help secure you a home equity loan or home equity line of credit to meet your financial needs. 

Wealth Lines of Credit

Personal lines of credit are a specialty at Twin Cedars. Whether you are looking to pay off high-interest credit cards, or just need some extra money for a project, we’ve got you covered. Our staff of professional wealth bankers is adept at securing lines of credit to meet people’s needs. We also offer special line of credit programs for doctors and small business owners.

Vehicle Loans

Auto loans are one of the most popular consumer loans today. Our personal bankers excel at securing you the best loan rates available. 


Whatever your dream is, Twin Cedars Bank is here to provide you with the financial tools needed to reach that dream. From loans to high-interest deposit accounts, we’re here to help you grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

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